Nokia Philippines to Take Home Lumia 1020


Last July 11 at the event happened in New York City, Nokia unveiled the Nokia Lumia 1020, the most powerful camera-smartphone to date. The Lumia 1020 boasting the huge 41-megapixel Pureview camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Opitical Image Stabilization technology, plus LED and Xenon flash beside the sensor. This camera-centric smartphone is such a big blow on photography scene making DSLR cameras look for hide-outs (lol). And even the camera-phone hybrid Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has no says to the glory of Lumia 1020.

(Anyway I’m just excited. Don’t take my slaps seriously.)

Just days ago, Nokia Philippines confirmed that they pursuing to make Nokia Lumia 1020 land on Philippine shores. The tweet, a reply to a Pinoy fan wanting 1020, gives me conclusion that Nokia Ph handles negotiation with the Nokia main headquarters regarding the release of 1020 here.


I’m right that the Lumia 1020 is such a blast of a bomb made by Nokia that even Filipino fans out there wanted the explosions and experiences it can give. The 41megapixel cam is the main attraction of this smartphone that when shoot up it delivers beautiful photos that will surely love by Filipino especially those who are in field of photography, and even ones who love to take “selfies” and “groupies”. Aside from that Nokia created a camera app called Nokia Pro Cam. This camera app provides wider range of settings when capturing photos and videos, such as Exposure, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Auto-focus and more. Other feature empowering the 1020 is Nokia Rich Recording.

If Nokia Philippines succeeds on its goal to impress Filipino fans, then I hope the Lumia 1020 will hit the success here so the company never stops delivering Pinoys such great phones like this. So give them love and support. However, if the King of camera-centric smartphones can’t reach its presence to local market, the cheapest LTE-enabled Lumia 625, yet the biggest-ever on Nokia portfolio is on its way and will arrive very soon on market. So there are still reasons to switch and love Nokia.


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