Nokia set a “World Premier” event on Moscow


Just recently, Nokia reportedly rolled-out invitations for an event will be happen on August 28 at Moscow, Russia. Quoting the “world premier”, it seems that Nokia has something on its back and set to surprise us. It’s remain unclear and we’re left by Nokia “clueless” about what’s going to happen and what are to come out from them.

Nokia's "World Premier" Event on August 28 at Moscow

Nokia’s “World Premier” Event on August 28 at Moscow

We have tasted plenty of rumors about the Bandit, a 6-incher Lumia with confirmed 1080p screen display. The possibility to out Bandit is small considering the Reuters’ report saying Nokia is likely to announce next month new Lumia models and some of them are phablets with Full-HD resolutions. And to fit with the size and the 1080p display of a phablet a GDR3 update is needed bringing some UI customizations like additional columns for Live Tiles at the start-screen. Unfortunately the Microsoft’s GDR3 software update isn’t available this month so we can conclude that there will be no Bandit to steal our attentions.

Another speculation is that the event on Moscow is the day for the next iteration of Nokia Lumia 820 and be called Lumia 825. Same kind as the Bandit, Lumia 825 will also have 1080p resolution over with the computing power of quad-core processors which is likely to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. But unlike Bandit, Nokia Lumia 825 will display 5.2” screen. Then, again, screens reaching 5 to 6 inch sizes and have full-HD require new software update. So we can’t assume this to appear later this month. But, however, it can be possible that the next major updates for Windows Phone devices are finish, now installed and on testing with the Nokia Bandit and other new WP8 devices and just waiting for the official release. Also Nokia’s WinRT tablet is there but according to a report, the Nok-tablet will be show off in September.

one of the concept photos of the alleged Nokia tablet

one of the concept photos of the alleged Nokia tablet

It’s hard to predict what will happen during the event. Although there are rumors out there, they are not enough to tell the main story. But for the same way as what Nokia traditionally do before announcements, for sure they will post hints about “world premier” for next coming days before August 28.


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