Nexus 5 Seems To Be On Its Way To Launch


While Android fans out there are dreaming to be with the Note III and Xperia Z1, Nexus 5 seems heading stage some time of later this year. As the days go by, details about Google’s next warrior came out and now creating noise on web. It was started by a video taken in the day when Google showed-off Android 4.4 statue with the licensed name “Kit Kat” (what happened to Key Lime Pie?).

9to5Google reports that Google inadvertently slipped in a few frames of the new Nexus 5. On the promotional video you will see audience taking shots (with their handsets) of the new Android Kit Kat and notice that dark guy holding a strange huge device. He’s holding has a large camera sensor and then large “Nexus” logo that surface on the video. Remember that Google didn’t release a smart phone touting rectangular form-factor last year. So, this Nexus is kind of new thing that will hit any time soon.



It is clear that Google’s Nexus 5 is true and seems to be on the hot spot of most wanted phones of 2013.

Meanwhile after the leakage showing the alleged Nexus 5, the next Nexus is been approved by FCC with codenamed D820 and speculated to be crafted by the mastermind of ‘G2’ the LG. The D820 according to Engadget features 7-band LTE, pentaband DC-HSPA+ and quad band GSM/EDGE. Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac are also on the systems of the N5. The Nexus 5 will float by its 5-inch display and is likely to come with Android 4.4 preloaded (named “Key Lime Pie”. But Google just get licensed from the Nestle to use the trademark “Kit Kat” as the next Android version’s name).


Towering at height 131.9mm and have 68.2mm wide make hint that the Nexus 5 is slightly thinner and shorter than the previous Nexus 4 (via techcrunch). And it will have trimmed top-bottom bezels so to boast away the sexy appealing display just like what the G2 did. Also expect that this Nexus could use Snapdragon 800 SoC.

I will update this writings later for the details about the Google’s yet LG’s Nexus 5. So keep on Touch.


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