iOS 7: Simply Beauty

ios_7_apple_features_page_heroSeptember 19 at 1pm is the time when iOS 7 lands here in Philippines and luckily I was given a chance to experience the personality of the new iOS of Apple since iPhone 5S and 5C. So here are my thoughts about the iOS 7.

I am someone who admired iPhones and iPads because of the simplicity of the user interface and i prefer to navigate with it than what Android’s have. And now Apple released the redesign iOS, curiosity kills me until a friend tipped me he got update his iPhone 5. Just this morning he told me that his iPhone is now an iOS 7 flavored, I never took doubt if he will allow me to use his. I just aggressively grabbed the device ‘cause I am excited. When I press the home button to wake the screen, I was a bit impressed of how the lock screen looks like.

577338_3420922777990_1737683301_nThe lock screen is far differ from the old days iOS but for sure, just like me, some may found that Apple’s lock screen in iOS 7 is inspired by Google’s Android operating system. But it is still remind me of the late versions of iOS. The “Slide to Unlock” phrase is still there but now freed from being inside the rectangular shaped unlock bar and it was transparent white just like with Android. At the lock screen the option for camera is still there and then your notifications are popping up for easy access while screen is locked.

Taking inside, the home screen is finally a new taste while maintaining the simple looks. The apps icons are simpler than ever. Apple applied less gloss to the curved square icons that’s why they appeared on screen like flat and lovely. The overall appeal of the iOS 7 home screen is fresh and alive that’s why my classmates said that it is alike with the Windows Phone UI. I don’t like to agree with them but I understand that maybe they noticed the new transitions of icons when you go back from an application to home screen is a bit similar to the transitions of the Live Tiles on Windows Phone.   hs

Multitasking with the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 is a same way just double click the home button and it will lead you to a pane of parallel open applications and their icons just below each window. For me it is a familiar thing since I already saw it with Nokia Lumia 720 and other phones.


As for the Notification tray just place and swipe down your finger from top of the screen and there you have it. It wows me as it is something new than I ever seen before from Apple and others. It looks so fresh yet make me fall in love as for my every pulled down the notification tray. Transparent, fresh and appears so vivid in eyes. It’s now give categories such as Today, All, and Missed notifications.



I know for every update there are changes for the camera UI and iOS 7 didn’t disappoint me as well as it is really come with new features pre-installed on the camera app. The looks are changed and aside that I love that iOS 7 offers camera filters and square-shot. Panorama still matters on the iPhone camera capabilities. Camera roll (gallery of photos) is same in matrix but it was refreshed in clean white. cam,

Messaging app is redesigned.  All in painted with white even the messaging on-screen keyboard. Speaking of, the keyboard is nice appearing so simple. Typing with it feels responsive and intuitive. I never have complains about the Messaging app so far, so thumbs up for Apple.

Here are the some screenshots I snapped on iPhone 5

The overall performance of the iOS 7 in iPhone 5 is impressive. As I navigate on it was responsive, fast and clear for any lags. Transition from app to app is kind of easy ‘cause of the improved multitasking power of the iOS 7 installed on iPhone 5 while knowing that the iPhone of my friend is loaded by multimedia files making the storage nearly fully occupied. He-he! I l still need a deep hands on his iPhone 5 so I can tell you more about the iOS 7 experience but I think they are enough since I really don’t like iPhone since Nokia Lumia 720 got all my bets.

Thank You for reading!


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