Expect More From HTC and Nokia

We welcomed the month of September by plenty of announcements made by leaders of the mobile industry. Samsung is proud and boasting the new Galaxy Note III. Sony sailed again with the Xperia Z1 armed by 20mp G-sensor camera. Acer has S2 sporting 4k video recording capabilities. And now new Apples came out namely iPhone 5S and 5C. They all got our attentions. The special features each of them have created new trends and standards of what a smartphone should be. Now, what’s next? What are next after these releases? We don’t know but rumors are still alive giving us hints of the future’s next to trend.

There still the HTC One Max

HTC is successful with the One, the full fledged metallic body Android smartphone that takes all the beautiful standards a smartphone must have. It was tasted so new – précised and well-crafted device deserved all applauses and no criticisms. They followed-up with the mini version which arrived as One Mini that minimized the display size but not the looks and blows. It is a 4.3” Android Jellybean phone that maintained the design languages of its brother HTC One. While it is still in behind of curtain, HTC One family will now having a new brother- a bigger One. HTC One after being Mini, HTC is currently working with the alleged One Max, the company’s first to sell bigger screen at 5.9”.

The One Max is one of the most eagerly awaited phones of this year. It will adopt the same looks as the HTC One but will sport wider display. I understand that HTC wants to expand its pipeline from being under belt of 5 into joining the trend of big screens. And HTC One Max is their entry to challenge Samsung and Sony. But until now the Taiwanese OEM is still quiet about the dedicated event date for the One Max.

For the meantime, aside from 5.9-inch display size, HTC One Max is expected to come with 1080 x 1920 panel resolution or Full HD for competition against rivals. Under the hood is being argued but a quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor is hoping to energize the beef while being paired by 2 GB of RAM. A memory capacity of 16 GB is on board for usual storage of media files, and can be expanded via dedicated slot for microSD card. Also there is the presence of 3300mAh battery to power the beef.

As for the OS, Android 4.3 is on the chipboard to enhance the smartphone experiences. HTC’s UltraPixel snapper is at the back alongside of the rumoured fingerprint scanner adopted by HTC. As for the unveiling event, I don’t have an idea yet but hopefully this will come before 2013’s end.

But here are the renders of the HTC One Max:



The Nokia Lumia 1520 is hitting anytime soon.

Nokia’s newest smartphone is Lumia 1520. This is a phablet with 6-inch 1080p display and finally, quad-core is on the way. The latest leaks concerned with 1520 are the photos showing much of statements of this device. It will come in colors of black, white, yellow and red. The bandit got 20-megapixels Pureview camera on its back together with dual-LED flash (check in here for more photos of Nokia Lumia 1520). So what else? How about the launching date?

Reports said that the Lumia 1520 will be having an NYC event in between September 26-27. But the fresh thing is Nokia finally rolled-out invites for another exclusive event.nokia-october-22-invitation-1000x667

The invitation is printed with a desert as a background. The This Is Nokia blog on wordpress.com make out hints about what will be coming on the day which is happened to be by October and not September 26 as what the early reports said. They hinted that the event will be place at Abu Dhabi and new Lumias are set to buzz the press Medias. I don’t want to think that this is the final blow of Nokia before the finalization of the deal with Microsoft but if we review the past months, the Finnish company is turned-out aggressive releasing new devices for every month.  2013 is really the year for Nokia as they really put themselves on fire to connect to the billions of people and I hope it will never end here after the event.

Anyways, new Lumias are suspects of this event. Can we expect the Bandit to steal the day together with a large Lumia 825? What about the dual-SIM version of Nokia Lumia 720 and the Sirius tab? We hold much of expectations and I hope Nokia won’t disappoint us.

The value is having patience in waiting. Haha. By the way we only have 3 days on September and definitely we are nearing the moments now, so Just keep on touch guys!


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