Is Apple Working For Bigger iPhone?

Is Apple Working For Bigger iPhone?

Just today reports about the new iPhone are buzzing on web. While everyone is dreaming for the arrival of the iPhone 5S and 5C to their countries, a Korean media claims that the Cupertino is currently working for devices touting 5-inches and 12.9-inches screen sizes.

According to the report, the team assigned from Apple is working on a larger screen iPhone, even larger iPad, and a smart watch.

The iPhone with 5″ of display isn’t that late to join the craze and crowd of the smart phones selling that feature for too burning cash prices. If the rumor is turning out real, expect that bigger iPhone will again gain appreciation and even criticisms. We’ve heard it already before the 5S and 5C hit the markets, that the Cupertino-based company is toying iPhone with the phablet screen so to compete with rivals who started the game for bigger phones.

The report also included the iPad which is exactly stated that it will boast “12.9-inch” of screen size and aimed to battle against Win8 touchscreen hybrids and convertibles that are out now at stores. Well, I hope Apple will make this big thing a compatible for multitasking purposes like for creating documents, spreadsheets, and so more that we already experienced with the Microsoft’s’ Windows 8 OS. which make every user do more with no compromises (ha-ha I’m too bias). Lastly from the claims, a smart watch from Apple, popularly known as “iWatch” is also under testing with the OLED display made by LG.


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