Is Nokia Readying For Computer Business?

Are we seeing Nokia Laptop?

Nokia’s World event in Abu Dhabi is going nearer. As the day goes by Nokia is teasing us for what are set behind the stage. And still the rumours are not taking brake and continue to hint us for the alleged devices going to show off by the Nokia.

Now, it seems that the Finnish OEM is turning desperate to get back to the top as the recent teaser photo suggesting a laptop from them. The teaser reads: “Nokia World is on October 22, 2013. Watch the action on your screen of choice.” is likely telling that Nokia is already included on their business manufacturing tablets and laptops. This made me think, is Nokia readying itself for the computer business? I think so knowing that Microsoft is acquiring Nokia’s mobile units’ business and maybe manufacturing laptop computers is their newest way to connect the next billion people around the world.
What do you think? Is a Nokia laptop can make its way to success? Time can tell us what will happen. So, let’s relax and see Nokia to shine once again.


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