It’s been a long time since my last updates here. Kinda busy as of this moment because of hectic schedule brought to me by having my first job. I really don’t manage my time for my personal interests but now, I want to give myself another try.
I hope… aja!
Welcome to me. I’m embracing my hobbies again.

And the photo above… Actually that’s one of the leaks I’ve found from a Facebook Group ” Big Time Show”. The render is showing the upcoming My Series smartphone of MyPhone, Philippines’ tough maker of quality and low-cost Android phones.

One caught my attention is the My36 which cost only Php. 7k. With that price point you can get an Octa-core Android Lollipop phone, with Full-HD screen resolution and, that’s wow (edi wow!). It’s a serious product taking against Cherry Mobile’s newly release Flare series (includes Flare 4, Flare S4 and Flare S4 Plus) which are really good and game-changing.

No clear announcement yet regarding the official availability of the devices but, surely it will arrive during holiday seasons.


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